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Animal & Alphabet Matching Cards

Use these animal & alphabet matching cards to help your pre-K or kindergarten student identify the upper and lowercase for each letter of the alphabet and then match those up with the animal that begins with each letter.

  • 9 pages with 106 cards

  • 26 upper and lowercase letters

  • 26 colorful cartoon animal cards

  • 26 colorful cartoon animal cards with the name at the bottom

  • 2 extra colorful cartoon animal cards, so you can use "fox" for "x" rather than "xenopus" (which is apparently a type of frog)

You can print them out for individual students, or laminate them and use them in centers.


I used the font "KG Primary Penmanship" in some of my included documents. I actually use it for a bunch of my stuff. I purchased the font from a fellow TpT user, Kimberly Geswein. She has a bunch of great fonts that I have seen all over the web.

You can purchase this item here.

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