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Jackerton Font

The hand-lettered script fonts are all the rage right now. So, for my first go at font creation, I wanted to do something different.

My dad is an artist. For my brothers and I, he would often draw or carve our names in these great bubble or block letters. That was my inspiration. I wanted to take those fun type styles and create a font that would piece the letters together as you typed.

And the name...

My brothers and I would call each other "Jackerton" when we were angry or frustrated. It sounds very formal and sophisticated. And our mom wouldn't know that what we actually meant was "Jackass".

If you go to my Creative Market page, you can play with the way the font works by typing whatever you want.

If you want to download the font to mess around with, you can get it on my Behance page. Just keep in mind that the font requires an application that works with OpenType features.

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